10 amazing tips to get a perfect Pin-Up style makeup

10 amazing tips to get a perfect Pin-Up style makeup

The vintage makeup remains valid year after year. We can see celebrities using this style on red carpets, music videos or in their daily lives, reliving the femininity of the forties and fifties with perfect cateye and red lipsticks in their different tonalities.

If you’re bored with the same style, you can try our tips to fix your face like the stars of the golden age of cinema. You will see especially flirtatious, feminine and sensual without using too much makeup. Next, discover how to wear the Pin-up style.

1. First of all you must have a clean face

First of all you must have a clean face

Before starting it is necessary that your face is clean and well hydrated. This makeup is based on the appearance of the skin, it should look fresh and with a minimum of imperfections. Therefore, try to perform frequent facial cleansing, apply the corresponding tonic to your skin and never forget the face cream.

2. Porcelain skin
Porcelain skin

After a clean complexion, you need to apply the concealer that you require, as shown in the image: if you have red pimples, a little green; the blue neutralizes the orange dots; the violets give more light. Then it will be time to apply the foundation of your makeup.

3. Define your features
Define your features

After applying your base, you need to do a bit of contour by applying a darker tone to your nose, cheekbones and forehead. Once you draw the lines, sponge them together until they are lost with the rest of your makeup.

4. Now the base shadows
Now the base shadows

First it is necessary to apply a very clear one as a base on the whole eye, even under the eyebrows. Then, a matte shadow on the mobile eyelid with a color very similar to that of your skin.

5. We must give depth to the look
We must give depth to the look

You should put some light brown shadow where the mobile eyelid is folded, taking care to blend well. With a darker shade depth is added only where the fold is formed.

6. A little light
A little light

Now, with a clear shadow, you have to light up under the eyebrows and on the inside of the mobile eyelid.

7. The outline and the mask for eyelashes
The outline and the mask for eyelashes

Something characteristic of this style is the cat eye, for which you will need a black liquid eyeliner with a fine tip and a lot of patience to form the perfect seven. At the end apply a couple of layers of mascara, trying to separate each hair.

8. Eyebrows are important
Eyebrows are important

This style has well-defined and well-painted eyebrows, nothing overloaded. You only need to comb them in the natural sense and apply a chestnut shadow over them.

9. Do not forget a little color on your cheeks
Do not forget a little color on your cheeks

With a pink blush and a very broad brush, smile and apply on your cheekbones. Always be careful to blur very well.

10. Now the cherry red lipstick
Now the cherry red lipstick

Finally, you will only need a very intense red lipstick to highlight your lips. You can try other darker tones like Lily Collins. Choose the one that suits you according to your skin tone and that’s it.

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