15 Valentine’s Day Makeup Proposal ideas

15 Valentine’s Day Makeup Proposal ideas

Little is missing for Valentine, a day full of magic in which you will surely try to conquer the heart of your crush or, maybe, just want to look cute for a date with your boyfriend. Whatever the case, the best way to do it is with a nice look .

There’s nothing better than feeling confident in your own skin, and that’s exactly what makeup is made: highlight your beauty, enhance your features and is able to monopolize the look of any boy.

1. Exciting lips

Exciting lips

A red tone will give your look an exciting, bold and attractive touch. Your date will not be able to resist kissing you.

2. Natural light
Natural light

If you want to accentuate your features without it being obvious that you are wearing makeup, then combine a nude tone on the lips, with smoky eyes in light colors.

3. Touch of love
Touch of love

Highlight your eyes with small flashes of light in the inner corners of your eyes. That way they will look bigger and brighter.

4. Seductive look
Seductive look

A mokey eyes can never go out of style. You only need a dark eye shadow, and some confidence.

5. A little color
A little color

With the help of tanning pearls, get a makeup full of color. Try not to abuse them or the results will not be favorable.

6. Details that fall in love
Details that fall in love

The cat eye delineation creates the illusion of longer eyelashes, causing your eyes to look bigger as well.

7. Unexpected brightness
Unexpected brightness

If you want to appear with radiant skin, use a little illuminator.

8. LF tabs
LF tabs

Lashes improve everything. This is one of the best makeup ideas for Valentine’s Day.

9. Special effects
Special effects

If you want to accentuate your lips, makeup for eyes in light tones is the way to go. Concentrate the attention on your lips while the rest of your appearance looks natural.

10. Hide the shadows
Hide the shadows

Prepare two bags of chamomile tea in hot water; let them cool a little and then soak two cottons in the tea. Apply on closed eyelids for 10 or 15 minutes, and say goodbye to dark circles.

11. Porcelain skin
Porcelain skin

Dissolve a handful of sea salt in very cold water and apply it to your wet face with gentle massages. You will eliminate dead skin cells.

12. Facial fitness
Facial fitness

Before applying your makeup, spend 10 minutes giving a facial massage to your face with a little moisturizer to get a fresh effect.

13. Say goodbye to heartbreak
Say goodbye to heartbreak

If some unexpected pimple makes an appearance, eliminate it with a little Greek yogurt. Place a drop on the imperfection, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and remove with clean water.

14. Delicate hands
Delicate hands

Caresses are the protagonists during Valentine’s Day. But nobody likes to be stroked with rough hands. Soften them with a little juice of an orange and a spoonful of honey. Let the mixture work for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.

15. Shining hair
Shining hair

Prepare a mask by mixing a ripe avocado, an egg yolk and a spoon of olive oil. Apply to damp hair and massage for a few minutes. Let it rest with your hair wrapped in a warm towel, and get a silky mane.

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