Makeup gurus affirm that THIS is the lipstick helps you to show a whiter smile

Makeup gurus affirm that THIS is the lipstick helps you to show a whiter smile

We have all been afraid that when we paint our lips with some strong color, such as orange or red, our teeth look yellow and careless, although we know that our oral hygiene is almost perfect. By desracia, the pigment of some lipsticks has that power over us, but also fortunately we no longer have to continue living with that fear. This lipstick promises to make your teeth look as white as pearls.

Rihanna continues to do wonders in the makeup world, her famous stunna lip paint from Fenty Beauty is the lipstick you’ll want to wear even to sleep. It contains a light formula and a matt finish that hide the blue pigments that visually neutralize the yellow enamel of the teeth. It’s like magic! This is how this fabulous lipstick works.

This is the reason why the lipstick suits all women
Lipstick of rihanna in pink

Like the rest of the line, the color of the lipstick was created for all skin tones that exist. The tone is brighter than you are used to, but in this way it will make your teeth shine. In addition, it is a long-lasting lipstick, you can eat, kiss and drink and you will never have to worry about touching it up.

You can also try blue undertones
Rihanna lipstick in blue

Purple, black or green tones will make your teeth look much whiter and, in addition, risky colors are becoming a strong trend this year.

This lipstick assures you to steal the looks of everyone
Rihanna lips

Rest assured that everyone will concentrate on the incredible color of your lips and, if it were not for compliments, maybe you will not even notice that you have painted lips

It’s like having velvet on your lips
Rihanna lipsticks that will make you look like shiny teeth

The creamy texture does not flake with the passage of time and always gives you an irresistible and soft look, like velvet.

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